Best Car Insurance Tips For Women

Car insurance has risen in price fairly steadily for decades as the prices of new cars go up, and the costs of repairing them, so do the insurance rates. On average, men will pay a little bit more than women, especially if they’re young and single because men take more risks, drive faster, drive more miles, and can tend to show off when young. A man’s insurance will usually drop considerably when he gets married, however, because married men are home more in the nights and weekends, party less, and are much more responsible than single men.

There Are Ways To Get Car Insurance For Women For Less

There are a few companies that do offer good discounts for women drivers that have excellent driving records. The best way to find them is to run a search using your state and the phrase for women only, and see what pops up. These are premium companies that offer good rates and they won’t be available to those with bad driving records, plus they specialize in full coverage policies as well. If they aren’t available in your state, there still are ways to reduce your rates.

If You Have An Apartment Or Home, Get Insurance Through The Same Company

Most of the complete, captured agent companies, will offer discounts for their policy holders that have their homeowners or renters insurance along with their car insurance. A captured agent is one that only writes through one company that offers policies for all kinds of drivers, homes, high risk and low risk, but all with the same company or group. An independent agent will write homes through one company, cars through another, and high risk driver through yet another.

Each type of agent has their advantages, and some years one is cheaper than the other, then they switch the next year. It’s good to keep that in mind and check every few years to keep getting the best rates possible. An independent agent is the type most likely to carry car insurance for women only, seniors only, veterans only, public service employees only, or even union employees only, each through a different company.

Getting the best rates with a quality company starts with have a good driving record with no tickets and no accidents. Then you have more options available to take whatever company has the best rates, most specialty companies only cover good drivers and that’s how they can be cheaper than the rest.