Car Insurance Tips To Get You Educated About Your Rates

When buying car insurance it’s always best to do some research and have all of your information ready when you finally go in to purchase. You’ll want to get quotes for several different agents that represent different companies in the industry. Some agents are called “captured agents” meaning they are required to write for their own company as long as the coverage is available. The other type of agent is called an independent agent, they’ll write for any company they want too, but they can’t always get the same discounts for multiple policies like car and home insurance. Let’s go over some great car insurance tips to get you started.

When Checking Prices Ask Lots Of Questions Over The Phone

One of the best ways to figure out what the different companies are rating you on is to call a bunch of them and listen to their questions, then ask plenty of your own. Take notes about what they say, ask them why they are asking, then narrow down your answers to get the best rates.

When they ask if you always drive your car to work, say “most of the time, why?” to get to the root of the question. If riding the bus one day a week, carpooling, or riding your bicycle will save you money, that’s what you need to know. Sometimes your daily commute is just over the threshold that puts you into a higher rate, say 8 miles one way instead of 6, and that might be what’s costing you and extra $10 a month.

When they ask if you car is kept in a garage, you might not have paid attention, but mostly no, or mostly yes could change your rate as well. Cars that are kept in a garage at night are rarely vandalized, stolen, damaged by hailstones, or flooded in the street, so their rate is lower. But unless you ask, you may not know what’s best for your car, and the least expensive for your pocketbook.

One of the best car insurance tips is to always ask about nonsmoking discounts, good driver discounts, accident free discounts, multiple car and multiple policy discounts. You might be able to save plenty by switching over your homeowners policy at the same time as you buy your car insurance, just ask.

Getting the best deals on your car insurance takes a little time and effort. But, it can be rewarded with better coverage, a lower rate, and a happier pocketbook if you just take the time and do the research.